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Ph.D. in Neurology, President of Tzu Chi University researches Alzheimer's disease

Ingrid Liu, the president of Tzu Chi University, often goes to foreign universities for international admissions and teaching, leading Tzu Chi University to go international, and also shines in his own research field. Reading", Ingrid Liu's education is also very eye-catching. After graduating from National Taiwan University, she went to the University of Southern California to get a Ph.D., majoring in brain science and neuroscience.

This popular science program host with a typhoon on the screen is a female scientist who studies brain nerves. She is Ingrid Liu, the current president of Tzu Chi University, and won the Outstanding Female Scientist Award of the Thai Neuroscience Society in 2019.

Ingrid Liu, President of Tzu Chi University: "Some professors in Thailand nominated me, and later they invited me to give a keynote speech. During the review process, I was selected and selected, and I received the award for the female scientist in neuroscience. I am very grateful for these nominations. A professor in Thailand.”

Ingrid Liu is a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Southern California, USA, and has served at Tzu Chi University for more than 20 years. In addition to general teaching, she also focuses on Alzheimer’s disease research.

Ingrid Liu, President of Tzu Chi University: "We have also discovered calcium ion channels, a calcium ion channel, which is related to the formation of memory. Recently, we also used Alzheimer's mice to screen for some that can reverse Alzheimer's disease. Silence, some natural compounds of symptoms.”

In addition to his outstanding achievements in research, she is also committed to the internationalization of Tzu Chi University, as well as the promotion of sustainable development and social responsibility, so Tzu Chi University also won the Thames Award in 2019. Reported to the World University Influence Ranking, ranked 67th in the world, the first place in Taiwan, and carried forward at home and abroad.

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